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Equality Analysis 

Under the Equality Act 2010 the Trust has an obligation to:

  • Evidence the analysis that has been undertaken to establish whether our policies and practices have (or would) further the aims of the general equality duty.
  • Provide details of information that we have considered when carrying out an analysis.
  • Provide details of engagement (consultation / involvement) that we have undertaken with people whom we consider would have an interest in furthering the aims of the general equality duty.

In order to meet the requirements of this duty the Trust will use the Equality Analysis which has been developed to be compliant with the Equality Act 2010.

An equality analysis is most effective when used at the primary stages of planning and is expected to be used for the following activities:

  • Organisational change
  • Considering any new or changing activity
  • Developing or changing service delivery
  • Procuring services
  • Developing projects
  • Developing a policy / procedure / guidance or changing or updating existing ones

It is used to assess whether there may be any barriers or difficulties, harassment or exclusion, or in fact any positive impact such as promotion of equality of opportunity, developing good community relationships, encouraging participation and involvement as experienced by service users, patients, carers, relatives, staff, the general public and key stakeholders.

“When completing an equality analysis also consider whether the Trusts values & behaviours are addressed. Our values & behaviours are as follows:

Patient Centred and Safe: This centres on patient safety, team work and continuous improvement.
Professional: This focuses on being open and honest, efficient and acting as a good role model.
Responsive: The expectation here is that staff will be action orientated, with a "can do" attitude and that they innovate, take personal responsibility and listen and learn.
Friendly: We would expect staff to be welcoming, treat people with respect and dignity and value others as individuals.”

The Equality Analysis form should be completed alongside the ‘Equality Definitions’ guidance and an action plan completed.

Process for approving Equality Analysis:

All Equality Analysis should be sent to the line manager as soon as they have been completed for sign off, with a copy sent to the Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Department.

Some Equality Analysis will be available on the Trust intranet and website, and some subject to audit by external organisations such as the Equality and Human Rights Commission and it is therefore important that the documents are of a high quality and accurately reflect the time and effort which staff devote to ensuring that Trust services, activities and policies or procedures are progressive, seek to remove barriers and promote equality and diversity.

Who should complete an Equality Analysis?

The Equality Analysis should be completed by staff who have undertaken the MLE online Equality Analysis training which will equip staff with the tools needed to complete the Equality Analysis template.

Support and advice can be obtained from members of the Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Team.

Further advice and support:

If you would like further advice or support to complete the Equality Analysis Template please contact the Diversity & Inclusion Lead, Rex Webb email:

Please use the Equality Analysis template

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