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Equality Delivery System 

The Equality Delivery System (EDS) enables us to look at whether our patients and  staff are treated fairly and with respect regardless of their background.

Following our 'Equality is for Everyone’ event we talked to local interest groups and our own staff and annually collate examples of good practise for our assessment.

Our assessment is attached below or can be requested in a different format by contacting the Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Department.

Working with local interest groups we have developed four equality objectives.

Equality objectives

The Trust has followed the Department of Health guidance for implementing EDS and has established a set of Objectives and Outcomes and consulted with internal and external organisations.

EDS2 2016

Internal and external organisations

Workforce Race Equality Standard August 2016

WRES Action Plan 2017 onwards

WRES (Workforce Race Equality Standard) – August 2015

“The 5 year forward view sets out a direction of travel for the NHS which depends on ensuring the NHS is innovative, engages and respects staff, and draws on the immense talent in our workforce. The business case for race equality in the NHS, and the Standard is now a powerful one. NHS England with its partners is committed to tackling race discrimination and creating an NHS where the talents of all staff are valued and developed”.

Simon Stevens CEO NHS England March 2015.

Here at Salisbury Hospital we are proud of our diverse workforce and examples of positive experiences are recorded within the WRES template. However, we are aware that we are always evolving and that we need to do further work to improve BME (Black, Minority, Ethnic) staff experience at our hospital.

For further information or if you would like to get involved please contact:

Rex Webb – Diversity & Inclusion Lead at Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust

Telephone: 01722 336262 Ext: 4496


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