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Information Alerts 

Click here for Healthcare Library Evidence Alerts page - a regularly updated page with the latest contents of all locally and regionally subscribed e-journals, plus some popular titles with no subscription.

Use your OpenAthens password to access the full text.


What is alerting for?

Stay up to date with information and articles published in your field of interest.

Help inform your department aims and objectives.

Improve quality and patient care.

What does alerting do?

Sends you regular emails on particular topics or when new issues of journals are published.

Gives you the tables of contents of journals.

Where full text on-line is available, provides links to this.

 How do I set up alerts?

You can set up alerts using the home page of whatever journal you are interested in.

Athens password may be required to access the full text, if this is available.

Help with alerts? Contact the library at


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