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Sustainability and Transformation Plan

The whole of the NHS is facing unprecedented challenges - as we are all living longer and the population is growing, more demands are being placed on the health services which is causing operational and financial problems.

All NHS organisations and local authorities are working in partnership within geographical areas to develop Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs), as part of the national five year forward view. There are 44 geographical areas across the country known as footprints and we are working with our partners including: Wiltshire Council; hospital Trusts in Bath, Swindon and at AWP; Bath and North East Somerset, Wiltshire and Swindon CCGs; Great Western Ambulance and private provider Sirona.

STP map

Our footprint has now published its Sustainability and Transformation Plan. The STP sets out a framework of how health organisations, local authorities and other key stakeholders will work together to improve the quality of services and the health and wellbeing of the population within available resources. A key theme throughout the STP is an increased focus on preventing ill health and promoting peoples’ independence through the provision of more joined up services in or closer to peoples’ homes.

Five priority areas have been identified as key programmes of work:

  • More focus on prevention of ill health and earlier intervention
  • Transforming Primary Care
  • Making best use of technology and our public estate
  • A modern workforce
  • Improved collaboration across our hospital trusts

Tell us what you think

Previous engagement with patients and carers, along with health professionals, has given us valuable insight into what you want and need from future health and care services. This has informed our plan and the priorities outlined in this short guide. You can share your views in the following ways:

Sending an email to:

Contacting your local Healthwatch office, an independent body representing the voice of patients and public.

Healthwatch Wiltshire

Unit 20, Hampton Park West, Melksham, SN12 6LH
Telephone: 01225 434218
We are committed to engaging with people as our plans develop. Engagement events will be publicised through media, our websites and through local Healthwatch. Please keep checking for details.



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