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Trust Board Meetings 

The dates of the Trust Board meetings are listed below. These meetings are held in public and members of the public are welcome to attend.

The meetings are held in the Trust Boardroom at Salisbury District Hospital unless otherwise shown


  • 9th January, 10:00am
  • 6th February, 10:00am
  • 5th March, 10:00am
  • 2nd April, 10:00am
  • 21st May, 10:00am
  • 4th June, 10:00am
  • 2nd July, 10:00am
  • 6th August, 10:00am
  • 3rd September, 10:00am
  • 1st October, 10:00am
  • 5th November, 10:00am
  • 3rd December, 10:00am
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