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How We Make Decisions 

Criteria for Decision Making

The Trust Board makes decisions based on its:

Constitution, Standing Orders and Standing Financial Instructions

The requirements of NHS Improvement, particularly the Single Oversight Framework and the Code of Governance are available to view in the Publications Section of the Monitor website at

Annual Plan and Service Plan

The Trust Board delegates a range of decisions to its key sub-committees which are in respect of Audit, Finance, Clinical Governance and Workforce. The Terms of Reference are set out in the Standing Orders.

The Trust Board meets in public at least six times a year. Scheduled Trust Board meeting dates

Trust Board papers and minutes are routinely published on this website.

Internal Communications

Key information is passed to staff by a variety of methods including the use of an email broadcast facility, a monthly Cascade Brief where the Executive Directors meet with the Trust's senior managers who then, in turn, meet with staff, a general weekly newsletter, Health News Weekly, and a personal message from the Chief Executive. In addition, information is posted on both the Trust's website, which is available to the public, and the Intranet which is only available to staff.

The Trust has a dedicated manager who is responsible for both the Trust's external and internal communications

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