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Advice for new and prospective parents at special Salisbury event 


Maternity staff will be on hand to provide advice and support to women and their partners who have a new baby or who are looking to start a family at a special event in the Guildhall in Salisbury on Saturday, April 16, between 10am and 4pm.

The event is for anyone who is pregnant, planning a pregnancy or who has recently become a parent. It will also be useful for anyone who would like to find out more about the health implications of a pregnancy if they have an underlying condition such as diabetes.

Fiona Coker, Head of Midwifery and Neonatal Services at Salisbury District Hospital said: “Starting a new family is one of the most positive steps that people can make in their lifetime, yet for some, the change and extra responsibility that this can bring can be a worry without the right level of support and information. We also know that over half of all pregnancies in Britain are unplanned, yet if mothers to be have an opportunity to maximise their health prior to pregnancy it often leads to an easier journey for them.”

“This event gives us another opportunity for people to find out more about the support and information that is available to them. Midwives and doctors will be on hand to give friendly advice on a wide range of issues, from information on pre-existing conditions and how to have a healthy pregnancy, to what options there are on where they would like to have their baby. “

Mrs Coker added: “We are also keen to hear about the service our parents would like from us and what is important to them, whether you have recently become a parent, are pregnant or thinking about starting a family. For anyone looking for a career in midwifery or a return to practice, this may be useful to them as well, as we will be able to provide guidance on careers and training routes at this event.”

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