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B.U.G.S. Information to help people with burns when they leave hospital 

Launch of new booklet 
Julia Chute, Chairman of B.U.G.S (Centre), Burns Unit Staff and B.U.G.S. volunteers at the launch of the new booklet at Salisbury District Hospital

Salisbury District Hospital based Burns Unit Group Support (B.U.G.S.) has launched an updated booklet that provides adults with a wide range of important advice about their follow up care when they leave hospital.

They have also created a leaflet which provides teenagers with basic, easily accessible informaton for them. With a booklet already available for parents of young children, all ages now have their own dedicated information with help and support from B.U.G.S. This is supported by information on the recently updated B.U.G.S. website, which now has easier navigation and access to information and relevant links. This can be found at

Julia Chute, Chairman of B.U.G.S. said: " Because of the nature of the injuries, many burns patients need long term care and support. The length of the recovery will depend on the extent of the injuries, the need for surgery and the body’s own natural healing processes. This patient information provides information on the day-to-day care they may need, and exercises that help in the healing process. It also gives advice on how to deal with any scarring, and the emotional factors that can affect people who have burns. "

For further information please contact:
Patrick Butler
Communications Manager
Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust.
Tel: 01722 425170
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