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Election of Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust Governors May 2012 

Five new public Governors have been elected to the Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust Council of Governors following elections held in the Trust’s constituencies.

June Griffin, Sir Raymond Jack , Andrew Freemantle, Nicholas Sherman and Sarah Bealey  were newly elected to public constituencies,  with John Carvell, Chris Wain, Beth Robertson, John Markwell and Carole Noonan successfully re-elected.

The elections were held by Electoral Reform Services on behalf of the Trust.

The Trust has seven public constituencies. These are Salisbury City, South Wiltshire Rural, North Dorset, New Forest, Kennet, West Wiltshire and East Dorset.  The number of Governors per constituency is based on the population, with Governors elected for a three year period.

Luke March, Chairman of Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust said: “I would like to welcome our new public   Governors and the five Governors who were successfully re-elected. Our Governors provide an essential link between the Trust and our members, feeding back information that can be used to help shape and plan our services for the benefit of our patients and I know that they will have an invaluable role to play as we move forward in the future.”

As well as public Governors, the Trust has staff Governors,  and a patient/carer Governor who represents the interests of patients from the Trust’s specialist services. Two new Governors, Mandy Cripps and Brian Fisk were  elected to the staff  constituency, joining Lynda Weeks, Christine White Colette Martindale and Shaun Fountion who return unopposed. Existing patient carer/ representative Andrew Farrow also retains his seat.

Luke March said: “ I would also like to take this opportunity to thank our Governors who were either unsuccessful or who stood down. I also  want to  acknowledge the tremendous commitment  and invaluable contribution that all our Governors make to the membership , the Trust and of course to local people who use our hospital services.”

More details on the election results can be found at  under Foundation at the top of the Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust Homepage, where there is more about  NHS Foundation Trust  status and the benefits of joining as a member.”

Notes to Editors:

The Council Of Governors has a total of 25 Governors and meets formally four times a year, as well as in individual topic based groups. The Governors communicate regularly with their members through the Trust’s website, newsletter and constituency meetings. The full list of the new Council of  Governors is:

Public Constituencies: 
Beth Robertson    South Wiltshire Rural (Lead Governor)
Robert Coate   South Wiltshire Rural
June Griffin   South Wiltshire Rural
Sir Raymond Jack  South Wiltshire Rural
Alastair Lack   South Wiltshire Rural
John Carvell    Salisbury City 
Chris Wain   Salisbury City
Celeste Collins    Salisbury City
Paul Goldman   North Dorset
Andrew Fremantle  North Dorset
Sarah Bealey   New Forest
John Markwell   Kennett
Carole Noonan   West Wiltshire
Nicholas Sherman East Dorset

Patient/Carer Constituency:
Andrew Farrow

Staff Constituency
Mandy Cripps   Clerical Administrative and Managerial
Brian Fisk   Volunteers
Shaun Fountain  Medical and Dental
Colette Martindale Nurses and Midwives
Christine White   Scientific, Therapeutic and Technical
Lynda Weeks   Hotel and Property

Nominated Governors
Anita Pheby   Wessex Community Action
William Moss   Wiltshire Council
Lis Woods   NHS Wiltshire
Elizabeth Stevens  NHS Dorset


For further information please contact:

Patrick Butler,

Public Relations Manager,

Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust.

Tel: 01722 425170




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