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Feedback from Friends and Family Test now published 

Along with all other general hospitals across the country, Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust has today
(30 July) published its first results and comments from patients who responded to the Friends and Family test, providing an insight into their experiences and how they view their local hospital services.


This new information gives hospitals another opportunity to see where they are doing well and where they can make improvements and gives patients more information that can help them choose where they would like to receive their treatment.

The results will be published monthly by NHS England, on NHS Choices and individual Trust websites. 

Over the last four months inpatients and emergency patients cared for at Salisbury District Hospital have been asked how likely they are to recommend the Accident and Emergency Department or ward they were on to friends and family, if they needed similar care or treatment.

Comments are fedback to individual wards and departments so that they can see where they are doing well or if they need to make changes. A monthly score is also generated and published monthly. This is  based on the proportion of patients who would strongly recommend, minus those who would not recommend or who are indifferent. This score ranges from:  -100 to +100. The score for Salisbury District Hospital in June was +70. Of those patients who responded to the test, 94% said that they were extremely likely or likely to  recommended the hospital to friends and family.

Tracey Nutter, Director of Nursing said: “It’s essential that we use every opportunity to gauge people's views of the hospital and the national Friends and Family test complements our existing ‘real time’ feedback initiative where patients are regularly asked for their views. The Friends and Family test gives us an additional opportunity to ensure we are truly focused on the experience of our patients. “

“It was pleasing to see the comments that patients have given us when completing the test. Some did raise issues that we will look at and resolve, but the vast majority were excellent, with care, compassion, professionalism and friendliness a common theme, and cleanliness of the hospital a consistent factor.”

“It’s important that we continue to gather views from patients and the Friends and Family test can be completed on wards and in the Accident and Emergency Department. Please speak to A&E or ward staff for more information.  Alternatively, patients can still fill in the questionnaire online after they have been discharged and details can be found on the Trust website at  

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For further information please contact:

Patrick Butler
Communications Manager
Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust
Tel: 01722 425170

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