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Flu vaccination programme starts for frontline health staff 

Flu vaccination 2015 
Director of Nursing Lorna Wilkinson receives her vaccination
from Occupational Health Practice Nurse Claire Stride, marking
the start of the Salisbury District Hospital staff flu vaccination

Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust has started to vaccinate frontline staff at Salisbury District Hospital as part of its programme to protect patients and staff from the virus.

Comprehensive staff vaccination can help reduce the risk of flu spreading across patient areas and affecting vulnerable patient groups. It can also impact on staff sickness within the Trust and on colleagues and be taken back to the family at home.

Lorna Wilkinson, Director of Nursing at Salisbury District Hospital said: ”Staff flu vaccination forms a key part of our overall plans to protect staff and patients in hospital as we know that a good uptake of the flu vaccine can have a positive impact on our management of the hospital and the potential spread of infection.”

“While it’s essential that all frontline staff are vaccinated, the vaccine is available to all staff groups and this year we want to maximise the take up of the vaccine by all staff groups."

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