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Former Chief Nurse praises Salisbury staff at new strategy launch 

Staff presenting the work that they are doing to improve services for their patients 
Tracey Nutter, Director of Nursing (second left) and Revd. Dame Sarah Mullally (far right) with some of the staff who presented the work that they are doing to improve services for their patients.

Salisbury District Hospital staff were praised by the former Chief Nursing Officer for England Revd. Dame Sarah Mullally in her opening address at the launch of the hospital’s new strategy for nurses, midwives and therapists.

“You’ve given me every reason to be proud of this organisation “ were her words as she reflected on her first seven months as a Non Executive Director in Salisbury, her time as Chief Nursing Officer and the pride, values and behaviour that are so essential to good patient care and experience.

Tracey Nutter, Director of Nursing said: “As we all, quite rightly, look carefully at our own practices following the publication of the Francis Report and the events in Mid Staffordshire, it’s essential that our staff have the skills and knowledge that they need to provide the very best care that they can for their patients. It’s also important that we provide the leadership, direction and support to enable them to do so.”

““Our strategy describes the vision and actions that are needed to not only maintain good standards of care, but continue to improve on this throughout the next four years and beyond. It focuses on the role of the Board in providing that leadership and the aims for our staff, as every year ambitious goals will be set for achieving our vision. These will be shared widely, with excellence in care, kindness, courtesy, dignity, respect and compassion at the heart of everything that we do.”

“At our launch it was good for our staff to hear Revd. Dame Sarah Mullally as she outlined her experiences as Chief Nursing Officer and the values and behaviours that she feels are essential for all health professions if they are to provide the very best standards of care and compassion.”

Revd. Dame Sarah Mullally said: “This was a marvellous event which highlighted the outstanding achievements and best practice that are evident here in Salisbury and this was shared right across the hospital. However, I can see that staff here are not complacent and it was great to acknowledge their enthusiasm and professionalism which will be key to the NHS in the future and everyone locally who looks to Salisbury District Hospital for their care and treatment.“

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