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High Standards Win Salisbury Stroke Team Improvement Award 

The Salisbury District Hospital stroke team has won a regional improvement award for the quality of care they give to their patients and fast access to specialist diagnosis and treatment.

The award follows an assessment against a number of national measures and indicators by the Avon, Gloucestershire, Wiltshire and Somerset (AGWS) Stroke and Cardiac Network. These include access to diagnostic scans, assessments and medicines, as well as the amount of time spent on a specialist stroke unit. It also covers therapy and how well patients respond to treatment.

Dr David Walters, Consultant in Stroke and Elderly Medicine  said: “ This is the second year running that the team has won this award and is not only excellent news for our patients, but also recognition for the team. It is their hard work over the last three years that has resulted in them becoming the best performing stroke unit in the network.”

It is important  that patients who have had a stroke receive the right treatment,  at the right time and in the right place.  Of the 311 stroke patients seen in Salisbury last year:

• over 90% of patients were admitted directly to the Unit where they spent all their time. Patients are known to do better when managed on a specialist unit as soon as possible after diagnosis.
• almost 100% of patients received a CT scan within  24 hours of a stroke, enabling staff to start rapid treatment

• 99% of patients received physiotherapy within 72 hours

Dr Walters added: “Our performance when compared with other units across the region is excellent in the key areas that matter most in the overall care of stroke patients. Of the stroke indicators that are used nationally to assess stroke care, the team achieved all nine for over 80% of patients,  highlighting a very high rate compared with other hospitals across the country.” 

While  the Trust  is performing well across the board there are areas where the team are looking to make more improvements to further the high standards already set in Salisbury.  This includes a seven day service for people who experience Transient Ischemic Attacks – often known as mini-strokes - and joint work with other health and social care organisations on discharge plans.

Elsa Brown, Deputy Network Director for the AGWS Cardiac and Stroke Network said:  “We are particularly impressed with the way that the team in Salisbury have demonstrated a real commitment to continuing to improve their services. They have realised real benefits for patients across all aspects of stroke care and sustained those improvements over time. Our aim as a clinical network is work to improve the quality of care for all cardiac and stroke patients in our area and we are delighted that this initiative has resulted in improvements for patients in all of the stroke units across the region.” 

For further information please contact:

Patrick Butler
Public Relations Manager
Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust
Tel: 01722 425170

Members of the Salisbury stroke team on the Salisbury District Hospital Stroke Unit.
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