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Independent survey shows Salisbury District Hospital is above average for cleanliness, food and the care environment 


Cleanliness, food quality and patient’s overall experience of facilities and support at Salisbury District Hospital have been rated highly in the latest national report on the Patient Led Assessment of the Care Environment (PLACE).

The national report follows an assessment made earlier in the year by patient and public representatives and modern matrons who have a central role in maintaining and improving standards at ward level.

The aim of PLACE assessments is to provide a snapshot of how an organisation is performing against a range of non-clinical activities that impact on the patient experience of care. This includes cleanliness, the condition, appearance and maintenance of the hospital. It also covers the environment and how it supports the delivery of care, with privacy and dignity and the quality and availability of food and drink.

Ian Robinson, Head of Facilities for Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust said: “When people come into hospital for treatment they want to know that the hospital is clean, that the food is nutritious and that they will be treated with dignity and respect. Each year the standards become more challenging and these are very good results that reflect the commitment of our staff in all aspects of our work."

In summary, the Trust received the following scores:

  • Cleanliness – scored 99.3% (national average 97.57%)
  • Food – scored 94.57% (national average 88.93%)
  • Privacy, Dignity and Wellbeing – scored 89.47% (national average 86.03%)
  • Condition, appearance and maintenance – scored 95.31% (national average 90.11%)

For the first time this year, PLACE assessments considered how well healthcare environments support the provision of care for people with dementia. This assessment focused particularly on flooring, decoration and signage and other facilities including seating and handrails, which can help people with dementia. For the dementia standards, the Trust scored 84.66% against a national average of 74.51%.

Mr Robinson added: “ While these results are good news for our patients, visitors and staff, it’s essential that we continue to maintain high standards and we will continue to monitor all areas covered in this report. “

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