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Keeping Older Patients 'Young At Heart' Receives Award For Salisbury Team 

The Salisbury District Hospital Young at Heart project has been highly commended for its outstanding contribution to improving health and wellbeing at the Wiltshire Assembly Health Improvement Partnership Awards.
From left to right: Councillor Keith Humphries, Peter Ursem and David Goodrich from Liquid Media who sponsored the award. Picture by Dominic Parkes

The project run by ArtCare and supported by the Stars Appeal gives older patients an opportunity to enjoy story telling, singing and arts and crafts - keeping their minds active and providing a distraction from hospital life.

Around one in four people in hospital have problems with memory, confusion and understanding which can affect their recovery and their ability to look after themselves when they leave hospital.

Regular creative activities on wards can improve patient’s experience, help them get better sooner and reduce the need for some medication.

Peter Ursem from Artcare said: “ Older people often spend longer in hospital and also find it difficult to adapt to normal life when they are able to leave.”

“Creative activities on the ward not only provide physical stimulation and mental stimulation which can help in their overall recovery,  but also enable them to return home sooner to their family and friends.”

The activities have certainly had an immediate impact on patients, lifting their mood and providing an enjoyable distraction from the general ward routine.  One patient in his 80s said: “You have done me the world of good. Listening to the music, my memory came flooding back to me.”

Another woman in her 70s said: “ You realise how good it is just to move. I’m buzzing. “

Mr Ursem said: “It’s great to receive this award which recognises the overwhelming success we have had since we introduced creative activities for older patients.” 

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