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Medics 'Get On The Bike' for Arthritis Awareness 

World Arthritis Day  - ‘ Move to Improve’

The rheumatology team will ‘get on the bike’ in Main Reception at Salisbury District Hospital on October 10 in a bid to highlight  the benefits of movement as part of a number of activities in the week to support World Arthritis Day. 

The  team will be on-hand to offer advice and information to patients, visitors and staff,  while cycling to raise awareness of exercise for people living with arthritis. 

Over 10 million people in the UK have some form of arthritis,  which can cause pain and tiredness when joints become inflamed and swollen. Although movement can sometimes be painful, regular moderate exercise can in itself reduce the pain and stiffness,  and build up muscles around the joints that increases flexibility and endurance. 

Dr Richard Smith, Consultant Rheumatologist said: “ Many people may think that exercise and arthritis  don’t go hand-in-hand, but that’s certainly not the case. Research has shown that  exercise can have an essential role in managing arthritis. It helps promote overall health and fitness by providing more energy. It can also help people sleep better, control weight and improve self esteem.” 

Alison Kent Rheumatology Manager at Salisbury District Hospital  who is living with rheumatoid arthritis herself said: “Patients may be reluctant to exercise because they are in pain. However, a regular moderate exercise programmme can prevent the stiffness and lack of joint movement which can actually cause the pain in the first place.”  

The rheumatology team will also host a conference for health professionals on World Arthritis Day on October 12. This will give health teams across the region an opportunity to share best practice and hear about the latest research and treatments.  

PHOTO OPPORTUNITY : Photographers are invited to come along to Salisbury District Hospital main reception area at 12.30pm on  Monday, October 10,   where there will be an opportunity to see the team as they cycle through the day to promote movement and fitness for people living with arthritis. If you would like to attend please contact Patrick Butler (details below).

For further information please contact:  

Patrick Butler,

Public Relations Manager,

Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust.

Tel: 01722 425170                              


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