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Members Learn About Eye Conditions From Salisbury Specialist 

Local people had an opportunity to find out more about the eye and common conditions and injuries treated by the Salisbury District Hospital specialists in a presentation  given by Consultant Ophthalmologist  Roger Humphry.

The talk was part of the Medicine for Members series, which aims to give people an insight into how the body works, highlight the clinical conditions that are treated and provide some practical tips to keep safe and healthy.

In his talk, Mr Humphry looked at the causes of common conditions which can lead to loss of vision. This includes cataracts (clouding of the eye lens), Glaucoma (damage to optical nerves) and age-related macular degeneration (AMD). AMD  is a medical condition which usually affects older people and results in a loss of vision in the centre of the eye. Serious injuries can also be treated, with the most common resulting from foreign objects and chemical burns.

Mr Humphry  said: “ We treat around 24,000 people each year at Salisbury District Hospital for a range of eye conditions and injuries and it was good to give local people an idea of how the eye works and how we can treat people in this country. It also gave me an opportunity to highlight some of the work I’ve been doing to  help people with sight problems in Kenya and compare the treatment that is available to them with people in the UK.”

Mr Humphry added: “ With some conditions loss of sight is inevitable in this country, but  advances  in techniques and technology mean that we can now reduce the extent and speed of sight loss and improve or restore vision for  many of our patients . While many people in Kenya do not have access to this level of treatment, we can make a difference for some, working with charitable organisations to go out and provide this treatment ourselves.”

Further talks are planned and the Medicine for Members lecture diary can be found on the Trust’s  website at .  All members are welcome to attend. If anyone would like to become a member, please contact Isabel Cardoso, Membership Manager by  telephone on 01722 336262, extension 4390 or by email at : .

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