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Members learn about Cancer Care and support from Salisbury Specialists 

As part of the popular Medicine for Members lectures, Salisbury District Hospital specialists gave local people an opportunity to find out more about cancer care, the support that is available for people with the disease and the importance of effective teamwork and communication.
Medicine for Members  

The talks aim to give people an insight into how the body works, highlight the clinical conditions that are treated and provide some practical tips to keep safe and healthy.

Helena Bridgman, Clinical Lead for Cancer Services said: ” Around 320,000 people a year are diagnosed with cancer in the UK,  with breast, lung, bowel and prostate the most common cancers in this country. Here  around 5,500 people a year suspected of having cancer will have a fast track referral to us from their GP and prompt treatment if they need it.”  

“While it’s essential that we continue to improve the care and treatment we give people who are diagnosed with cancer, it is just as important that people are aware of  the lifestyle factors and causes, as well as the common symptoms so that they can be checked out properly. Referral to hospital doesn’t necessarily mean that someone has cancer,  and the vast majority of people’s tests turn out to be negative.  What’s important is that if people are worried they see their GP.”

Salisbury is the lead hospital for bowel cancer screening in Swindon, Bath and Wiltshire and provides a wide range of treatment. In some cases, patients may need  more specialist radiotherapy and surgery in a cancer centre with follow up care and treatment provided locally.

The Medicine for Members lecture diary can be found on the Trust’s website at . If anyone would like to become a member, please contact Isabel Cardoso, Membership Manager by telephone on 01722 336262, extension 4390 or by email at :

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