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National Journal names Peter Hill in top 50 NHS Hospital Chief Executives 

Peter Hill 

Peter Hill has been named as one of the top 50 NHS hospital Chief Executives in the country by the UK’s leading health management and policy magazine, the Health Service Journal (HSJ).

The judging panel, which included leaders from NHS professional bodies, national regulators and voluntary organisations, looked for chief executives who have shown outstanding leadership and commitment to their organisations.

They considered financial performance and quality of care, communication and internal and external engagement, their effectiveness in driving cultural and performance improvements, and working within and outside their organisation to develop and deliver plans to reform models of care.

Dr Nick Marsden, Chairman at Salisbury District Hospital said: “At a time when the NHS as a whole has a number of financial and operational challenges, it’s essential that we have the very best leadership and direction here in Salisbury, so that we continue to provide high quality care and services that meet the needs of our local and wider community.”

Dr Marsden added: “Leaders from key organisations with a major interest in health services have looked very carefully at the qualities, skills and performance of chief executives across the country and its fantastic news to see that they feel that in Peter Hill, we have one of the very best in this field.”

Peter Hill has worked in the NHS for 37 years, the last 30 spent in Salisbury, where he started as a charge nurse and moved into general management in the late 80s. He became Director of Corporate Development in 1998 and Director of Operations in 2001 and was appointed permanently to the position of Chief Executive in January 2013.

Peter Hill, Chief Executive at Salisbury District Hospital said: “I am passionate about our hospital and our role within the wider community. While I’m pleased to be included in the HSJ’s top 50, I see this as a reflection of all the good work that our staff do on a daily basis, highlighting our commitment to local people, our patients and the NHS

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