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Odstock Private Care LTD hands over £10,000 to the CT Scanner campaign 


Odstock Private Care Ltd (OPCL) has made its latest donation to Salisbury District Hospital with £10,000 going towards the Stars Appeal CT Scanner campaign.

For patients with private medical insurance or those who choose to pay for their care and treatment, the administration of their care is handled by OPCL.

The income that this generates is put back into the hospital, so that all patients and their families can benefit.

Stephen Oxley, Chairman of OPCL said: “A second CT scanner will make such a difference to patients in Salisbury, helping to reduce waiting times and ensure that scans are always available. At OPCL we are proud to be able to show our support for the campaign and I am pleased to be able to do that through this donation.”

Around twelve thousand patients each year will benefit from the new CT scanner. It will work alongside the existing one, which is running at full capacity and is one of the busiest in central southern England.

The second scanner will help reduce waiting times for CT scans and medical staff will be able to make quicker diagnoses. Patients will get results more quickly, reducing anxiety for themselves and their families.

The new CT scanner will have the very latest technology, meaning some patients will avoid having minor surgery, with all its possible side effects.

Patients will no longer need to travel to other hospitals for scans. Patients will be able to get the CT Scan they need at Salisbury, at any time of day or night, even if one scanner is busy or undergoing essential maintenance.

Peter Hill, Chief Executive of Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust said: “A new second CT scanner will mark another major step in the improvements that we make to patient care here at Salisbury District Hospital. We are very grateful to OPCL and we would like to thank them for their donation to this important and worthwhile campaign.”

Notes to editors

  1. The Trust has always treated private patients in the hospital and their treatment is planned in such a way that it does not have an adverse effect on NHS patients.
  2. Cardiology, the Wessex Laser Treatment Centre, the Clarendon Suite - a purpose built unit for private patients - and the Day Surgery Unit are all areas used by private patients.

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