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Over 120 members hear about management of back pain 

The first “Medicine for Members” event of 2013 attracted a record audience which saw the lecture theatre at Salisbury District Hospital almost filled to capacity.  These talks give members and local people a chance to hear more about clinical conditions and an opportunity to speak to experts in that particular condition.
Medicine for Members 2013 
From left to right: Dr. Nigel North (Clinical Psychologist) & Mr. David Chapple (Consultant Spinal and Orthpaedic Surgeon) who gave the talk with Mr. John Carvell, (Consultant Emeritus and Governor) who arranges the Medicine for Members lectures.

The latest topic “The Management of Back Pain” was presented by Dr. Nigel North, Clinical Psychologist, and Mr. David Chapple, Consultant Spinal and Orthopaedic Surgeon. Before the talk the audience was asked to raise their hand in answer to the question “Is there anyone here who has never suffered from some kind of back pain?”  The fact that no hands were raised accounted for the large attendance as clearly they wanted to hear more on this subject.

Dr. North spoke about how a multidisciplinary team worked together to help people manage their chronic pain.  He said: “At the end of the programme of treatment, some people tell me their pain has improved, which is great, but what almost everyone tells me is that they are coping better, they have more control and they are getting more out of life.”

Mr. Chapple spoke about some of the operations that can be performed, and how important it is that people have realistic expectations before they undergo surgery.  He expressed in a lighthearted manner, “there are a team of people working hard to keep patients away from me” and went on to explain that surgery was not always successful in relieving pain.  However, where patients meet the criteria for back pain surgery, their expectations can be met.

The dates for Medicine for Members events are published on the Trust’s website  Anyone who would like to become a member should contact Isabel Cardoso, Membership Manager on 01722 336262 ext. 4390 or by e-mail .

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