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Patients can enjoy a "Literary Experience" while in hospital 

  Patients who want to catch up on some reading while in hospital now have access to  a wide range of  books thanks to a joint initiative by the Salisbury District Hospital Voluntary Services Department and the Wiltshire Libraries Outreach Service.

  The service will run on weekdays and volunteers armed with book lists will visit patients to discuss their taste and check the book out from the small library held within the Voluntary Services Department. Alternatively, ward staff can call Voluntary Services directly and ask for a particular book when a volunteer is not available.

  Danusia Petrie, from the Voluntary Services Department said: ” It’s important that patients are able to keep themselves occupied while in hospital and although some may have had the opportunity to bring in books with them, others may not.”

  “We have a range of fiction and non fiction and patients can keep the books until they have finished them,  as long as they return the to the Voluntary Services Department when they leave hospital. They can also drop them off at their local library if they’ve taken them home.”  

“As an added advantage, patients with both long and short term impaired mobility can also be linked up with the Wiltshire Home Library Service when they leave hospital, so that they can enjoy all the benefits of a library service when they return home.”


For further information please contact:

Patrick Butler
ic Relations Manager
bury NHS Foundation Trust                        

Tel: 01722 425170          







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