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Patients give a positive view of Salisbury District Hospital in national inpatient survey 


In the latest national inpatient survey published by the Care Quality Commission, the Trust has scored well in a number of areas, including confidence and trust in doctors and nurses, the level of privacy when being examined or treated and whether patients felt well looked after when in hospital.

Around 750 patients who had spent at least one night during July 2015 were asked a range of questions about their admission, the ward environment and the care and treatment they received while in hospital.

All hospitals carry out an annual patient survey as part of the national initiative to use the views of local people to improve health services.

Dr Christine Blanshard, Medical Director said: “It’s important that our patients receive good quality treatment and are looked after in a caring manner, and many comments gave a positive view of the standards of care that patients can expect when they come into hospital and the friendly and professional way in which our staff take care of our patients. It’s also pleasing to see that our patients had confidence in our staff and decisions made about their condition and treatment.”

“We acknowledge that there is always room for improvement in some areas such as asking people for their views on the quality of their care and responding to call bells promptly. These will form part of our action plan that will be monitored at Board level.”

Dr Blanshard added: “Clearly patients have given a positive view of the hospital and our staff and I would like to express my thanks to our staff who I know have, and will continue to, work hard to provide good standards of care for our patients.”

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