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People learn more about skin and the work of the Salisbury Skin Specialists 

Over 100 people had an opportunity to find out how skin works and the wide range of skin conditions, in an enthralling talk given by Salisbury District Hospital Consultant Dermatologist,  Richard Meyrick Thomas.


Dermatology Consultant Richard Meyrick Thomas (Left) with John Carvell, Salisbury City Governor and Coordinator the Medicine for Members talks


Dermatology in Salisbury  – Skin Care was part of the popular Medicines for Members talks given by hospital specialists. These aim to give people an insight into how the body works,  highlight the clinical conditions that are treated and provide some practical tips to keep safe and healthy. 

Dr Richard Meyrick Thomas said: ” Skin covers the whole of our body and, with a surface area of around two metres, is the largest organ that we have. Many people often take their skin for granted, but it plays a key role in protecting our bodies from damage and infection, and retaining the moisture and water that is so important for our survival.” 

“Clearly skin cancer is a serious condition and it’s essential that people are aware of the risk of over exposure to the sun and the increased danger of sun bed use. Yet there are so many other skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema and blistering disorders,  which often cause pain and discomfort,  and can impact heavily on people’s lives.”  

Dr Meyrick Thomas added: “ The talk gave me an opportunity to show people the structure of the skin -  how it works and can go wrong. I was also able to highlight  the environmental and genetic factors that cause skin problems and the measures we can take to protect ourselves from permanent damage and serious illness.” 

The Medicine for Members lecture diary can be found on the Trust’s  website at .  All members are welcome to attend. If anyone would like to become a member, please contact Isabel Cardoso, Membership Manager by  telephone on 01722 336262, extension 4390 or by email at : .


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