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Positive Review Of Dementia Care At Salisbury District Hospital 

Salisbury District Hospital has received a positive review on the care it provides to patients with dementia from a peer review team of experts from the south west region. 

As part of the review,  the team looked at the Trust’s progress against eight South West Regional Standards for dementia care, observed care on wards and outpatient areas and talked to staff in clinical and non clinical areas.

Peter Hill, Chief Executive said: “Feedback from the review team has been very positive and they were very impressed with the enthusiasm and professionalism of our staff and the progress we have made here in Salisbury. They also singled out a number of areas of good practice that they will be looking to share across the region, building on the key strengths of leadership and widespread engagement from the first review last year.”

 In summary the review team found:

  • A positive culture within the Trust, which was reflected in ownership of a wide range of initiatives that have had such an important part to play in the overall care we provide for patients with dementia.
  • An enterprising approach towards the development of stimulating activities and programmes for patients with dementia
  • Staff were well supported, with strong internal and external links. They particularly highlighted work with the Alzheimer's Society which had resulted in an excellent staff training programme
  • Good levels of staff engagement across the Trust and links between general hospital services and staff involved in palliative and end of life care

More follows

an excellent approach to audit that enabled the Trust to measure whether it made a difference to patients with dementia and use feedback to improve services in this area.

There were some areas for further improvement. These centred mainly around the continuation of the Trust’s programme to create a truly dementia friendly environment, such as better signage and coloured appliances. They also felt that the Trust could improve the way in which it identifies patients who have dementia at the point of where they are admitted.

Carrie Morgan, Peer Review Facilitator, said: “Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust and  partners hosted a very stimulating peer review visit, sharing achievements, development plans and challenges. I participated in the first review visit to Salisbury in the autumn of 2011 and it has been exciting to return to see the continuing commitment and spreading enthusiasm and growth in dementia care awareness. It was also encouraging to see the expertise and the continued emergence of very positive practices and promising initiatives.”

Mr Hill said: “I think that the findings of the review team are a credit to our staff  and I want to thank them for their enthusiasm and professionalism and the way in which they responded to the review. Although this is an excellent review, we acknowledge that there is still more work to do. However, this review gives us a good platform on which to build on what we’ve achieved so far and make further improvements in this important area of patient care.”

The results of the Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust review will be published within a final report covering all NHS Trusts across the region.

Notes to editors

The eight South West Regional Standards are:

Standard 1. Respect, dignity and appropriate care

Standard 2. Agreed assessment, admission & transfer/discharge processes

Standard 3. Access to mental health liaison

Standard 4. Dementia friendly environment and minimising ward moves

Standard 5. Nutrition and hydration

Standard 6. Contribution of volunteers

Standard 7. Quality of end of life care

Standard 8. Training and workforce development

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