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Programme of changes to general wards to support dementia care 


Major changes have been made to the layout and decoration on Redlynch Ward that will provide more calm and relaxing surroundings for patients with dementia and help with their care, wellbeing and orientation while in hospital.

The changes to Redlynch Ward are part of a wider programme to improve general wards over the next few years and follows £800,000 funding from the Department of Health and an additional £250,000 from the Trust’s capital funds.

Changes to Redlynch Ward include:

  • The refurbishment of bedrooms, day, dining and reception areas. This has involved the use of colour and lighting, non reflective surfaces, artwork and furnishing to help create a calming, homely feel that helps with mood and orientation around the ward.
  • Use of artwork and memorabilia designed to trigger memories and provide visual stimulation.
  • More areas for social interaction away from the bedside. This includes a cinema style area and a nostalgia wall to help promote memory and awareness.
  • Sound proofing in walls, ceilings and flooring to help reduce noise which will help with relaxation and reduce the potential for stress and anxiety.
  • Refurbishment of bathrooms with special equipment to help promote independence.

Tracey Nutter, Director of Nursing said: “Advances in clinical care and medical technology mean that people are now living much longer than they used to. This in turn can lead to an increase in the number of people living with long term conditions including dementia.”

“While someone who is admitted to hospital may have dementia, their prime reason for admission could be anything from a broken limb to another unrelated medical condition which will mean that they need to be cared for in general or specialist areas. Over the years we’ve introduced a number of groundbreaking initiatives that help provide additional support for patients with dementia throughout the hospital , but the general ward environment could be improved to provide more calm and sensitive surroundings.”

Ms Nutter added: “Our general wards are 21 years old now and, in that time, we’ve learned so much about how to use interior design to support patient care. The team here have a wealth of experience and used their knowledge, as well as ideas and feedback from patients, carers, staff and other specialists in the field to create a truly outstanding dementia friendly ward which will help support the overall care we provide.”

Pitton Ward is the next ward that will undergo changes. The aim is that other wards will then be improved over the next few years as part of this programme.

For further information please contact:

Patrick Butler
Communications Manager
Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust
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