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Recyclying Volunteers Drive Benefits Hospital 

A major recycling drive by volunteers has resulted in the repair and refurbishment of over 1000 items of broken and damaged hospital furniture bound for the skip to be re-used or sold to benefit the hospital.

Now the team is looking for more volunteers to help. The volunteers provide delivery and collection as part of the overall service they offer.  Items are placed in their recycling showroom,  a disused ward on the southern end of the hospital site,  where staff are able to choose pieces for their work areas. 

Some items are sold to provide tools and materials, together with other unwanted items such as books. 

In cases where furniture cannot be re-used, these are either repaired and transported to countries in Africa where they can be used safely, or stripped down to their component parts for use in other items. 

Mark Brandon, Recycling Volunteer said: “ This is such a worthwhile and enjoyable project, which has real benefits for the Trust. While it helps save money it also helps with recycling targets and can make a difference to our local environment. For instance,  overall we think that our own recycling efforts have diverted around 222 tonnes of materials from landfill sites.“ 

Anyone interested in becoming a recycling volunteer can contact Mark at .


If you would like further information please contact:

Patrick Butler,

Public Relations Manager,

Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust.

Tel: 01722 425170


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