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Salisbury Cancer Patients Rate Their Care Highly In National Survey 

Over 90% of cancer patients who were asked their views on the care they received at Salisbury District Hospital rated it as excellent or very good in a national survey carried out by Quality Health for  the Department of Health.

Over 370 patients responded to the questionnaire which covered the patient’s diagnosis and treatment, confidence in staff, hospital information and the support that they received at home.

The Trust performed well in the survey and was in the top 20% of best performing Trusts in 15 of the 63 questions that related to the hospital. For instance, of those asked:

  • 87% said that staff always treated them with respect and dignity
  • 88% felt that doctors did not talk in front of the patient as if they were not there
  • 91% felt that staff gave a complete explanation of what would be done (regarding the operation)
  • 93% felt that they received understandable answers to questions from their Clinical Nurse Specialist

The Trust was in the lowest 20% of Trusts in one question. This related to patients who felt that they had not been given the name of the clinical nurse specialist in charge of their care (79%). This will be an action for the Trust following the survey. 

Helena, Bridgman, Lead for Cancer Services said: “It's essential that our patients receive prompt diagnosis and treatment for cancer and that they have the right level of support in a sensitive and caring environment.  Overall our patients were  very complimentary of our staff and satisfied with the care and support that they received, whether this was as a hospital inpatient or as a day patient. They also felt that the hospital and community staff worked well together. It’s important that we build on these findings and ensure that our patients continue to receive the very best care and treatment for  their condition.”

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Public Relations Manager,
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