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Salisbury District Hospital Retains National Patient Information Standard For Three Year Period 

Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust has retained the Information Standard from its external assessors, the Royal Society for Public Health.

This ensures that the Trust continues to provide high quality health and social care information.

Salisbury is one of only 34 hospital Trusts across the country that has been accredited with the Information Standard. As part of a rigorous assessment the Trust had to demonstrate that it continues to have the necessary processes and systems in place to ensure patient information is evidence based, accurate, reader friendly and conforms to all elements of the Information Standard.

Only accredited organisations can display the Information Standard quality mark on its patient information.

Katrina Glaister, Quality Directorate Facilitator said: “The aim of the scheme is to reduce the potential for sub- standard health and social care information and ensure that patients, public and health professionals know that the information that they are using is reliable and can be trusted.”

Ms Glaister added: “While our patient information has initially been subject to an annual review,  the Royal Society has now provided accreditation for a three-year period, highlighting a significant achievement for the Trust and  the standards that we have in place here in Salisbury.”

There are more than 50,000 organisations producing health and social care information in England. Any of these can apply to join the scheme and become certified, whether they are a public sector organisation (NHS or local authority), a voluntary sector organisation, or a commercial company. 

For further information please contact:

Patrick Butler,
Public Relations Manager,
Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust.
Tel: 01722 425170.

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