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Salisbury District Hospital Staff Raise Awareness of Smoking Dangers 

Salisbury District Hospital Respiratory Nurse Fiona Stanford highlighted the dangers of smoking and the benefits of giving it up as part of No Smoking Day.

Respiratory Nurse Fiona Stanford  

As part of the campaign Fiona gave information and advice to patients and visitors and measured carbon monoxide levels in their blood, which can be significantly high in smokers.

This year the campaign also focused on the financial benefits of stopping and the fact that hand-rolled tobacco is just as harmful as ordinary cigarettes.

Fiona Stanford, Respiratory Nurse, said: " Smoking is a major cause of heart and lung disease and many forms of cancer. Smoking claims the life of over 80,000 a year in England and Wales, with many more people suffering from poor health. It’s essential that we do all we can to raise awareness of the dangers of smoking and provide support where we can."

Salisbury District Hospital now has an electronic referral system for smokers which involves offering advice to every inpatient and outpatient who wishes to give up smoking. Patients are referred to the Primary Care Trust which gives further advice and support through Stop Smoking Advisors in the community. People in the community can also self -refer to drop in clinics at the Central Health Clinic in Salisbury on Tuesday evenings, between 5.15pm and 6.45pm.

Mrs Stanford said: "We know that many people who smoke would like to give up. Awareness campaigns such as this could just provide the impetus that they need to quit the habit."

For further information please contact :

Patrick Butler,

Public Relations Manager,

Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust ,

Tel: 01722 425170


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