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Salisbury District Hospital meets all essential Quality and Safety Standards in CQC report 

Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust has met all essential quality and safety standards in a report published by the independent Care Quality Commission (CQC),  which carried out  a routine unannounced inspection of Salisbury District Hospital in May 2011.  

As part of the inspection the CQC talked to patients, staff and visitors. They observed the care people received in hospital and  looked at care and treatment records. They also looked at standards of cleanliness and the management of people’s medicines. 

Peter Hill, Interim Chief Executive at Salisbury District Hospital said: “The inspection team were clearly impressed with the motivation and professionalism of our staff and the way they responded to the unannounced visit.  This is a good report which reflects the hard work and commitment of our staff and shows that we are providing good quality, safe care, in a clean hospital environment.” 

In the report the CQC says that patients they spoke to were happy with their care and treatment and they felt involved in decisions made about them. They also felt that their rights to privacy, dignity and respect were fully promoted. People were also positive about staff who they said are ‘competent, well trained, professional and good at their job’.  Adequate nutrition and hydration for patients, good food choices and hospital cleanliness were also positive areas covered in the report. 

The Trust is compliant in all areas covered in the report. The CQC has suggested some minor areas of improvement to ensure that the Trust maintains compliance with the essential standards of quality and safety in the future. This includes a more timely response to call bells and additional activities to occupy some patients. While the CQC was satisfied that patients’ health needs were being met, this was not always recorded completely in patients’ notes. These will be included in the Trust’s action plan.

Peter Hill said:” We are pleased with the report which provides a positive view of the hospital, our staff and the quality of care we provide for our patients. It is important that we don’t stand still, and we will continue to work with our patients, staff and visitors to improve services and maintain the delivery of good quality, safe patient care.”  

Notes to editors: 

The full report can be found at the CQC website at:


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