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Salisbury District Hospital providing 3D models to wider NHS 

Maxillofacial Technician, Mark Richards, assessing a model to be used in the planning of an operation. 
Maxillofacial Technician, Mark Richards, assessing a model to be used in the planning of an operation.

Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust has its own associate company that can now provide a complete 3D printing service within the NHS that can help support surgeons plan their operations and give hospitals cost effective access to high quality 3D models.

Replica 3DM, which is based at Salisbury District Hospital, uses information from scans to produce accurate anatomical models that help surgeons make an accurate decision on the correct surgical approach to take and identify any specific abnormalities they may encounter in the operation. The models are also now being used in Salisbury by maxillo facial technicians to create moulded titanium plates for neurosurgeons that replaces parts of the skull that are missing.

Matt Sherry, Managing Director of Replica 3DM, said: “We are a 3D print company that is fully embedded within the NHS, enabling surgeons to have fast access to specialist 3D print models and a cost effective NHS based service for other hospitals that helps support them in providing the very best patient care.”

Gurd Shergill, Salisbury District Hospital orthopaedic surgeon and Clinical Director of Replica 3DM said: “3D printed models are extremely accurate and can be used in a wide range of operations from hip and knee replacements to highly complex head and face surgery. They enable surgeons to identify any possible abnormalities that they could encounter during the operation and plan for this as part of the preoperative preparation.”

“The use of models can decrease surgery and anaesthetic times and allow the surgeon to make smaller and more accurate localised incisions, which can lead to a decrease in patient length of stay. They can also be used as an effective aid when explaining the operation to a patient.”

Matt Sherry said: “Here in Salisbury we really are leading the way in providing a low cost, good quality 3D print service for the wider NHS and commercial organisations. We have experience in producing models for maxillofacial, orthopaedics, ear nose & throat and plastic surgery and once we have the scans we can turn around a model within five working days. Urgent models can be initiated for print within hours.”

Patrick Butler
Communications Manager
Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust
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