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Salisbury Speech Therapists’ handbook for health professional and families 

The Spires Speech and Language Therapy Team 
From left to right: Speech and language therapists Fiona Jeyes, Ginette Phippen, Sandra Treslove and speech and language therapy assistant, Cindy Williams.

The Salisbury District Hospital speech therapy team have written a practical and accessible handbook on cleft lip and palate speech disorders which is now providing advice and guidance for health professionals and families across the country.

The handbook is the brainchild of Salisbury speech therapist Ginette Phippen and draws on expert knowledge, research and current clinical procedures. The book is primarily aimed at community based therapists and can be used as an educational guide for speech and language therapy students . It can also be of value to families who want to know more about how to help their child if they have speech or feeding difficulties related to cleft palate or palate disorders.

Ginette Phippen said:

“ The regional Spires Cleft Centre based in Salisbury and Oxford is one of 10 specialist centres in the country. The centre provides specialist treatment to around 100 new babies a year and over time we’ve built up a wide range of knowledge which has informed clinical practice across the country. The aim of the book was to pool all our experience and expertise with best practice from other centres across the country and collate this in one easy-to-use handbook.”

Dr Phippen added: “While the handbook will have real value for all heath professionals working in this field, it will also be useful for families as well, as it includes their feedback and personal insight which we take account of in the overall way we approach the care of patients and their families here in Salisbury and Oxford.”

There is also an accompanying CD, which provides useful resources for therapists. It is published by J&R Press and is also available on Amazon. All proceeds go back to the Spires Cleft Centre.

For further information please contact:

Patrick Butler
Communications Manager
Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust
Tel: 01722 425170
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