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Salisbury Spinal Nurse wins national award for care and dedication 

Specialist nurse and general manager Wendy Slater has won a ‘Women in Spinal Cord Injury’ award from the Spinal Injures Association for her outstanding contribution to the care, treatment and lives of spinal cord injured people.
Wendy Slater pictured with her ‘Women in Spinal Cord Injury’ award. 

Wendy Slater pictured with her ‘Women in Spinal Cord Injury’ award.


A spinal cord injury can have a dramatic and life changing  impact on the person injured and those who are close to them. These awards recognise outstanding women in each of the 11 spinal treatment centres across the United Kingdom and the difference that they make to the lives of all those affected by a spinal cord injury.

Wendy won the Salisbury Spinal Centre category. Her nomination read:  “Wendy is dedicated to Salisbury Spinal Cord Injury Centre and the treatment of spinal cord injured patients. I cannot praise this lady enough”.

Wendy said: “ I am both honoured and humbled to have received this award.  During the 27 years that I have worked at the Spinal Centre I have learnt so much from our patients and I continue to be inspired by their determination and achievements, despite setbacks that life can present them with.”

“I would like to acknowledge the wonderful team we have at the Spinal Centre who,  through the years,  have remained motivated and committed to continually taking our services forward. Without their support and conscientiousness,  I do not believe I  would  have achieved the things I have over the years. I truly love my job and I am very proud to be a part of the Salisbury Spinal Centre team.”

Wendy added:  “It was such a lovely surprise to have been nominated and I would like to thank those who nominated me. I am also enormously grateful to the Spinal Injuries Association for this award and for the support and help that they give to patients, relatives and carers.”

Other shortlisted candidates for Salisbury Spinal Centre were Elaine Gaffney (Spinal Nurse Practitioner) and Helen Aldridge (Spinal Nurse Practitioner).

The Duke of Cornwall Spinal Treatment Centre at Salisbury District Hospital provides specialist care for patients paralysed by spinal cord injury, across much of southern England from Cornwall in the west to Sussex in the east.  Ends

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