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Salisbury cancer patients rate their care highly in national survey 

Cancer patients at Salisbury District Hospital have rated their care highly with 93% of those asked saying that it was excellent or very good in a national survey carried out by Quality Health on behalf of NHS England.

Over 330 patients responded to the questionnaire which covered the patient’s diagnosis and treatment, confidence in staff, hospital information and the support that they received at home.

The Trust performed well in the survey and was in the top 20% of best performing Trusts in 28 of the 66 questions that related to the hospital.  Of those asked:

  • 93% said they were always given enough privacy when being examined or treated
  • 91% felt that they had confidence and trust in all doctors treating them
  • 90% said they were given the right amount of information about their condition and treatment
  • 89% said that staff did everything to help control pain all of the time
  • 87% said they got understandable answers to important questions all/most of the time

The Trust was in the lowest 20% of Trusts on one question. This related to patients who felt that they had not been given the name of the clinical nurse specialist in charge of their care (83%). While this figure was an increase of 4% from last year, it will continue to be an area that the Trust will  focus on in the coming year. 

Helena, Bridgman, Lead for Cancer Services said: “It's important that our patients have confidence in the care that we provide and that they receive good  treatment  in a sensitive and caring environment.  Overall our patients rated the care they received very highly and other aspects such as privacy and pain control were also strong points.  It was also pleasing to see that while we did well on providing information last year, we have made further improvements this year. For instance, on the questions relating to letting people know where they can get free prescriptions and access support groups, as well as providing information on where they can get financial help.”

Mrs Bridgman added: “These findings will be important to us as we continually use patient feedback to review our services and make any changes that are necessary.”

If you would like further information please contact:

Patrick Butler,
Communications Manager,
Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust.
Tel: 01722 425170

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