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Salisbury leading the way in Clinical Research 


Good quality clinical research is increasing across the NHS and the latest figures show that staff at Salisbury District Hospital are leading the way in the number of studies carried out.

Research is vital to the NHS as it leads to new treatments and clinical practices. Evidence also shows that patients do better in hospitals that carry out research – even if they do not take part in a study themselves.

The latest information published by the National Institute for Health Research Clinical Research Network, shows the number of studies undertaken by each NHS Trust from April 2014 to March 2015, and the number of patients who volunteered to take part in clinical research.

Over half of NHS Trusts across the country increased the number of clinical research studies undertaken last year, contributing to improvements in care for all NHS patients. The league tables show Salisbury increased its number of studies from 42 in 203/14 to 54 to 2014/15.

Medical Director, Christine Blanshard said: “I am delighted to hear that the league table shows that Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust recruited 877 research participants into 54 studies during 2014/15 – the highest total ever for the Trust. Being actively involved in research is not just for big teaching hospitals – our patients can also get the benefits of participating in trials that allow them to get access to the latest treatments whilst still receiving care close to home.”

Ms Blanshard said: “There is good evidence that patients taking part in research get better outcomes, and having a vibrant research programme allows us to attract and retain high quality staff interested in remaining up-to-date and continuously improving the quality of care we provide. I feel very proud of the staff that have contributed to this fantastic achievement.”

There are opportunities for patients to be involved in research and “it’s OK to ask” during their hospital appointment. Alternatively patients and carers who want to find out more about clinical research can .

The clinical research league table is available at:

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