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Salisbury selected for national Diversity and Inclusion Programme 


Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust has been selected for the national Diversity and Inclusion Partners Programme highlighting its commitment to equality and diversity issues and the positive work that it carries out with staff and patients.

The programme is run by NHS Employers and gives trusts the opportunity to develop their existing equality and diversity policies and plans, further embed and integrate diversity and inclusion into the culture of their organisations and share best practice with other hospitals.

Pamela Permalloo-Bass, Equality and Diversity lead at Salisbury District Hospital said: “The level of competition for selection on this year’s programme was higher than ever before, so this is an outstanding achievement that highlights our existing approach and commitment to equality and diversity issues here in Salisbury.”

“Our hospital reflects the diverse community that we have in Salisbury, which enriches our society and the hospital where we work. We believe that equality is about treating everyone as an individual, with the respect, consideration and understanding that is so essential to the health and wellbeing of our organisation and this is a fundamental approach of the programme and the work that we will be doing at national level.”

While the Trust will have an opportunity to develop its existing policies and practices and share these across the NHS it could also help in the development of national policy and any changes to legislation in the future.

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