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Salisbury spinal nurse wins national award for care and dedication 

Spinal Injuries Association Award Ceremony 
From left to right: Damian Smith, Sonya
Wade and Anne Seaman at the Spinal
Injuries Association Award ceremony
in Liverpool.

Community liaison charge nurse Damian Smith has won a Spinal Injuries Association (SIA) Outstanding Achievement Award for the significant difference he has made to the care, treatment and lives of spinal cord injured people across the South West.

A spinal cord injury can have a dramatic and life changing impact on the person injured and those who are close to them. These awards recognise outstanding achievements in each of the 11 spinal treatment centres across the United Kingdom.

Damian has worked in Salisbury for nearly 26 years. The last 20 years have been spent in the Duke of Cornwall Spinal Treatment Centre which he originally joined to expand his experience before looking at his nursing options. Having seen the work of the centre he stayed on to further his career and since then has been instrumental in reviewing the patient education programme, taking the lead on Solve It which covers a range of practical situations that help inpatients, and worked closely with the Spinal Injuries Association to help their peer support workers. He also has a voluntary role with the Back Up Trust which helps rebuild people’s lives and this additional work formed a key part of his nomination.

Damian said: "I am really grateful to the SIA for this award and also colleagues and patients at Salisbury District Hospital who have supported my nomination. I initially stayed in the Salisbury Spinal Centre because I was passionate about this area of nursing and I still get an enormous sense of pride and self-worth from working here
and the difference that we can all make to people with spinal cord injuries.”

Salisbury District Hospital recreational assistant Sonya Wade and Clinical Educator
Anne Seaman were also nominated for outstanding achievement awards.

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