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Self Care Week - 13th to 19th November 2017 


Hospital staff and local people will have an opportunity to find out more about how they can improve their own health and keep well this winter during Self Care Week between 13 to 19 November at Salisbury District Hospital.

This year the theme is “Embracing Self-Care for Life” with a focus on getting people to understand how to stay healthy all their life and think carefully about self-care for the important people in their life.

Every lunchtime throughout the week specialist staff will be on hand in Springs Restaurant to provide information on a wide range of areas, from how to protect against flu, preventing illness and healthy eating to more specific advice and support around alcohol, smoking and cancer prevention. A Wiltshire Council Health Trainer will be on hand to offer advice on how to make positive lifestyle changes and there will also be displays in the Medical Surgical Outpatients Department and in the hospital’s Healthcare Library.

Claire Gorzanski, Head of Clinical Effectiveness said: “Self Care Week is an annual event that focuses on ensuring that there is support for self-care throughout communities and families and across all generations. While the NHS provides care and treatment both in hospital and the community, it’s essential that people also take responsibility for their own health by taking simple steps, such as keeping active, keeping warm this winter, having the flu jab, stopping smoking and keeping the medicine cabinet stocked up for minor ailments.”

Mrs Gorzanski added: “This year there will be an emphasis on the steps that people can take for themselves and their families to ensure they all remain healthy throughout their lives. This includes regular exercise and careful diet, stopping smoking and alcohol awareness and making positive lifestyle changes. It’s also an opportunity to remind people that their local pharmacy is a recognised source of very good health information and to understand which health service is suitable for their health needs.”

More information on self care can be found on NHS Choices at .

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