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Senegalese musician provides relaxation and stimulation for hospital patients 

Seckou Keita 
Patients on Durrington Ward relax and enjoy the sound of the Kora, a 21 stringed African harp, and the beautiful singing of Seckou Keita

Renowned Senegalese Kora player Seckou Keita gave Salisbury District Hospital patients an opportunity to hear his unique brand of West African music as part of Elevate – a new Arts Council of England funded pilot project that provides more stimulation and activity for people while in hospital.

A wide range of patients could benefit from Elevate, building on the success of the Trust’s Young at Heart initiative. This gave older patients the chance to enjoy singing, story telling and arts and crafts that helped keep their minds active and provide a distraction from hospital life.

Maggie Cherry from Artcare said: “In Salisbury we have patients of all ages and a wide range of conditions that could mean that they spend a significant amount of time in hospital.”

“While it’s essential that we continue to provide the very best care and treatment that we can, we found that with older patients, regular creative activities on wards could also improve their experience, help them get better sooner and reduce the need for some medication.“

“We think that as well as our older patients, other long and short term patients could benefit from creative activities such as listening to music or doing arts and crafts which could help in their overall recovery. If they choose to take part they can do so.”

Mrs Cherry added: “ Sechou’s performances were the first in a new series of events that will bring top class musicians to play at Salisbury District Hospital, complementing the art and story telling which has already had a dramatic impact on older patients in hospital.”

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