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South West Pay, Terms And Conditions Consortium 

The Trust is one of a number of organisations in the South West which has joined the SW Pay Terms and Conditions Consortium. This has been established in response to the serious financial and operational challenges facing the NHS.

The consortium is responsible for identifying how taxpayers money may be used more efficiently to protect employment and the continued delivery of high quality healthcare.

The aim is to provide greater security for health services and staff, with an affordable pay, terms and conditions system that recognises and rewards performance, creates a flexible workforce responsive to changing patient needs and enables us to sustain and improve clinical services now and in the  future.

Pay, terms and conditions form a significant part of the financial challenge facing NHS organisations. An average sized trust with a turnover of £200m will see its expenditure on pay increase by more than £3m per year from 2013/14.

It is in no organisation’s interests to offer pay, terms and conditions that make Trusts less attractive places to work. It is in everyone’s interest to provide employment that is both secure and allows for high performance to be rewarded.

We are aware that a variety of differing figures have been used in relation to this issue. However, there are no plans or proposals on the table at this stage. The consortium will produce a full business case by the end of the year to put to trust boards for discussion. It is up to each individual trust to decide whether to take all or any of the recommendations forward.

The Trust is committed to engaging with staff on any recommendations the Trust wants to consider taking forward.

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