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Spinal Patients given Books from World Book Night 

Spinal patients at Salisbury District Hospital received a welcome surprise when technical writer Westrow Cooper from Blandford handed over 10 copies of Fingersmith by Sarah Walters as part of World Book Night.
Mark Morcom and Westrow Cooper 

Spinal patient Mark Morcom (pictured left) receives his copy of Fingersmith from Westrow Cooper at the Duke of Cornwall Spinal Treatment Centre at Salisbury District Hospital.


World Book night is a celebration of the power of books and the pleasures of reading, in which 1,000,000 books have been given away to be read and enjoyed and then shared.

Mr Cooper said: “I spent a lot of time in hospital when I was younger  and I know what a difference it can make to have good books to read. With our regional spinal unit so close, I wanted to give copies of my chosen book to patents who I know will have to spend some time in hospital because of their injuries.”


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