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Staff on hand to provide specialist information and advce on HIV and Sexual Health 



As part of HIV Testing Awareness Week, specialist staff in the hospital’s sexual health services will be on hand to provide information and advice on sexual health, HIV and the importance of testing in Springs Restaurant on Thursday, December 1.

Last year almost 89,000 people received HIV specialist care in the UK. The key aim of the national HIV Testing Awareness Week, is to encourage people to get tested so that they know their HIV status, even if they think they are at low risk of catching the infection. If people know they are HIV positive, it not only allows them to be treated, but also means that they are less likely to pass on the infection to others.

Dr Helen Iveson, Consultant in Sexual Health said: “HIV is a treatable condition and people living with HIV can expect to live a long and fulfilling life if cared for properly. With HIV, early detection is key so that treatment can start as soon as possible and ensure that people do not pass on the infection to others.”

Dr Iveson added: “The team will be on hand to provide general sexual health advice and specific information about HIV. If people need to speak to us in confidence they can come to one of our sexual health drop in clinics. We run walk in clinics for HIV testing on Monday afternoons, Wednesday all day and Friday mornings, in the sexual health department at Salisbury District Hospital. People can also book an appointment in our clinics around the county. Our phone number is 01722 425120.”

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