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Staff provide advice for older people to stay safe from falls at home 


Abbie Thornhill checking the ferrule for grip on visitor Peter
Timoney's walking stick.

Staff at Salisbury District Hospital checked walking aids and provided advice on how to prevent falls among older people in the home as part of an information day during Falls Awareness Week.

Falls are a major cause of serious injury among older people. The aim of the day was to give people practical advice on how to prevent falls and give them tips and pointers on how to live a healthy and safe lifestyle at home.

Abbie Thornhill, Occupational Therapist said: “Many older people wish to live an active and independent life, and changes due to the ageing process and health limitations mean that some people are more likely to fall. However, a serious fall can shake people’s confidence, so by raising awareness of environmental risk factors and offering advice leaflets, we can help  highlight what can be done.”

“Keeping fit and healthy is important and there are a number of exercises that people can do to help strengthen muscles, increase flexibility, improve balance and maintain independence. It is also very important to wear supportive footwear and,  if someone has a mobility aid, that they have had correct assessment and prescription for their individual needs. We checked people’s mobility aids and exchanged worn ferrules if needed.”


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