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Staff to move to new better quality scrubs after staff and patient consultation 

Following an extensive review and consultation with staff and patients on the use of blue scrub suits, the Trust has carefully considered all feedback before making a final decision to move to new, better quality scrub suits.

The new scrub suits will come in three different colours and will enable patients to distinguish between health care assistants, nursing and midwifery staff and therapists.

Fiona Hyett, Deputy Director of Nursing said: “We know that our nursing and therapy staff take great pride in their job and that they want to present a professional image and appearance to our patients. We also know that our patients felt that the current one-colour uniform made it difficult for them to distinguish between different levels of staff.”

“There are benefits to new style scrub suits in that they are lightweight and more comfortable to wear. However, we acknowledge that the quality of the current set of scrubs could be improved.”

“Cleary there are financial implications of providing better quality scrub suits and key to this was returning to the arrangement where staff launder them at home. This is why we felt it appropriate to carry out a consultation. Our decision is based on feedback that we received from patients and staff and a preference by staff to have a better quality scrub suit style uniform.”

“As part of the review we have also considered the latest published information in terms of infection prevention and control, and this has also been taken into account in our final decision. Before the implementation of scrub suits in 2006, uniforms would have been cleaned at home and this remains the case in the vast majority of other hospitals across the country without creating a risk of spreading infection and compromising infection control procedures.”

“Where staff work in areas where scrubs could be heavily soiled, protective clothing is available. This would have been the case prior to the implementation of scrubs. In a limited number of areas where there is a greater chance of unpredictable or unavoidable heavy soiling of uniforms, uniforms would be laundered at the hospital.”

The Trust will now carry out a formal tendering exercise to select a company and uniforms, and staff will be fully involved in this process. The aim is that new, better quality scrub style uniforms will be in place later in the year.

For further information please contact:

Patrick Butler
Public Relations Manager
Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust
SP2 8BJ.
Tel: 01722 425170.

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