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Stars Appeal’s latest campaign targets £650,000 for CT Scanner 

Salisbury District Hospital’s charity the Stars Appeal has launched a major new project to raise £650,000 to provide a much needed second CT scanner for the hospital.

The new CT scanner will work alongside the existing one, which is running at full capacity and is one of the busiest in Central Southern England.

The second scanner will help reduce patients’ waiting times for CT scans. Medical staff will be able to make quicker diagnoses, which can save lives as patients get their treatment faster. Patients will get results more quickly, reducing anxiety for themselves and their families. And with faster treatment they will get home and back to normal life much sooner.

The new CT scanner will have the very latest technology, meaning patients will often avoid having minor surgery, with all its possible side effects, to explore internal problems like heart and bowel conditions.

Patients will no longer need to travel to other hospitals for scans. Scans will always be available. Patients will be able to get the CT Scan they need at Salisbury, at any time of day or night, even if one scanner is busy or undergoing essential maintenance.

Around twelve thousand patients each year will benefit from the new CT scanner, including cancer patients, who will get faster diagnosis; emergency patients who’ve had a stroke or life-threatening injury, who will get their scan even faster when every second counts; and heart patients, who will be able to have scans instead of minor operations.

The Stars Appeal asks local people to support the campaign and help raise £650,000 for the second CT Scanner. Their fundraising has already had a great start with a recent legacy of £150,000. Find out how to donate and other ways to help on the Stars Appeal website, or on 01722 429005. The NHS will pay for installation costs of approximately £175,000 and annual running costs of approximately £250,000,

Consultants and patients from across the hospital explain why they support the Stars Appeal CT Scanner campaign:

“A second CT scanner will mean that even more stroke patients at Salisbury are diagnosed and treated within the crucial three-hour window. It will mean that we can get patients scanned faster when every minute counts.”
Dr David Walters, Stroke Consultant

"Our Colorectal cancer patients tell us that not knowing if the cancer has spread is by far the hardest time. Having another CT scanner will cut this time of uncertainty.”
Miss Helen Chave, Consultant Colorectal Surgeon and Clinical Director

“Our emergency patients need timely CTs to help formulate a diagnosis and treatment plan. Time is of the essence."
Miss Helen Chave, Consultant Colorectal Surgeon and Clinical Director

“A second CT scanner will substantially reduce the waiting times for access to a vital diagnostic test. It will also allow us to introduce new CT scanning techniques at Salisbury that will improve the experience and outcomes for our patients.”
 Dr Mike Hughes, Radiology Consultant

“Anyone who has had to wait for a CT scan to confirm a cancer diagnosis will know that a wait of weeks can seem like years and that this time 'in limbo' can be more difficult to cope with than anything else.

Salisbury District Hospital is really good at prioritising patients and meeting NHS cancer wait times but having a second scanner will allow us to reduce CT scan wait times and therefore give people back weeks of their life that might otherwise be lost in worrying.” 
Dr Tamara Everington, Haematology Consultant

“A second CT scanner would make certain the 24/7 availability of CT scanning, so that you or your relatives can be sure that we can deliver excellent care, should you ever need us.”
Dr Lee Gray, Consultant in Emergency Medicine

 “In 2001 I wouldn’t have expected to be here now. It was all down to that CT Scan to begin with. Once you have the scan and get the results, the doctors can do their stuff.  A second scanner will give the doctors an even better chance to save lives.”
Charlie Ross, Cancer Survivor

“That wonderful scan, and the doctors and nurses who looked after me, surely saved my life.  A second Scanner would mean people in an emergency like mine would never need to wait for a scan.”
Sybil Tucker, who had a head injury after a severe fall

“The scanner and getting that clot buster into me so quickly is what saved the day. I’m supporting the campaign for a second scanner because it helps people like myself get a second life.”
Alan Puxley, Former Stroke Unit patient

Salisbury District Hospital Stars Appeal

• The Stars Appeal is Salisbury District Hospital’s charity. It raises money to create the best possible experience for patients and their families by funding extra care and equipment over and above that provided by the NHS.
• The Stars Appeal’s latest project is the CT Scanner Campaign, raising £650,000 for a second CT Scanner which will benefit around 12,000 patients a year, especially those suffering from cancer, stroke, life-threatening injuries and heart conditions.
• 300,000 people across South Wiltshire, North and East Dorset and West Hampshire, and beyond, rely on Salisbury District Hospital every year.
• Thanks to the generous support of the local community, the Appeal has already funded many projects, large and small, throughout the hospital. They include:  - a Family Accommodation Unit for parents of babies being treated on the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. (opened October 2012)
   - a range of enhancements within the new Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.(opened May 2012)
   - additional equipment and facilities worth £1million within the new children’s ward and outpatient unit (opened July 2011)
   - a second lab in the Hospital’s Cardiac Suite enabling much interventional work, as well as diagnostics, to be carried out locally. (opened 2010)
   - a highly advanced keyhole cancer surgery suite (opened 2008)
   - state-of-the-art treatment and diagnostic equipment for premature and critically-ill babies
   - additional therapy and facilities for patients with cancer and blood disorders on the Pembroke Unit
   - a major contribution to the Hospital’s bereavement suite (opened 2010)
• Major events supporting the Stars Appeal in 2013 include the sponsored 3k or 10k Walk for Wards at Wilton House on Sunday 23 June, the Rockbourne Fair at Salisbury Racecourse from 23-25 October and the Tidworth 10k and 3k Fun Run at Tedworth House Polo Pitches on Sunday 3rd November (to be confirmed).

For further information, please contact:

Dave Cates/Gemma Heath
The Stars Appeal
Salisbury District Hospital
Tel: 01722 429005.;  

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