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Stars Appeal’s latest campaign targets £750,000 for Breast Cancer Unit 

Breast Cancer Unit Campaign 

Salisbury District Hospital’s charity, the Stars Appeal, launches a major new project today (Thursday 11th September 2014). The Stars Appeal Breast Cancer Unit Campaign aims to raise £750,000 to provide a much needed dedicated Breast Unit at the hospital.

One in eight women will develop Breast Cancer in their lifetime and breast cancers treated in Salisbury have increased by nearly 40% in the last two years. Whilst the Hospital’s specialist breast care team offer excellent care, the number of patients they see is growing fast and now they urgently need a dedicated Breast Unit to provide even better, quicker and more dignified care to the 4,500 local women, and the small number of men, they see each year. Currently, as in many general hospitals in England, there are no dedicated facilities for breast patients

The new Unit will provide the best possible environment for local women. Purpose-built waiting, diagnostic and treatment rooms will be dedicated entirely to breast patients. Counselling rooms will be available to patients who have just received a cancer diagnosis or who need support. Sensitive design and décor will create a calm, light and dignified environment.

The new Breast Unit will enable quicker care and treatment. The dedicated facilities will mean most care will be delivered in one place with no need for patients to visit other departments in the Hospital, repeatedly dressing and undressing for these procedures. Thanks to the increased space, and availability of state-of-the-art equipment, patients attending for tests to see if they have breast cancer will receive their diagnosis on the same day, avoiding anxious waits for results. Clinics will be run jointly with oncologists and plastic reconstructive surgeons, meaning patients will no longer need to visit the hospital as frequently.

The Stars Appeal is asking local people to support the campaign to raise the £750,000 needed for the dedicated Breast Unit as soon as possible. Fundraising for the Unit has already had a great start with over £190,000 collected since the end of the Stars Appeal’s last major campaign. Forthcoming events for the campaign include the Berwick St John Country Fayre this weekend, The Rockbourne Fair at Salisbury Racecourse 22nd-24th October and the Tidworth 10k on Sunday 2nd November


Find out how to donate and other ways to help at the Stars Appeal website, or on 01722 429005. The NHS will pay for all running costs of the new Unit.

For further information, please contact:

Dave Cates
The Stars Appeal
Salisbury District Hospital
Tel: 01722 429005.
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