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Trust Board Agrees to Staff Car Parking Charges 

At its meeting on Monday, June 7 the Trust Board of Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust agreed to introduce car parking charges for staff to contribute to the ongoing maintenance and development costs of staff car parks, savings initiatives, and support green travel and staff wellbeing initiatives.

In making its decision the Trust Board considered comments made through the six week staff consultation and those raised during discussions with the Trust’s staff side trade union groups and staff who attended the Trust Board meeting today.

The Trust Board accepted the recommendation for a tiered approach based on basic pay of staff on paypoint 8 and below (currently £16,753 p.a) who will pay £12 a month, those on paypoints 9-32 (currently £17,118 – £37,545 p.a.) £18 a month, with staff on paypoint 33 and above paying £20 a month.

Part time staff or occasional users could choose to pay a £1 daily charge as an alternative to the monthly rate.

The recommendation for a number of concessions following the consultation was accepted by the Board. These include:

  • free parking for staff who have to use their car to provide a community or home service
  • free parking for volunteers
  • free parking for motor cycles in dedicated shelters

Following comments raised at the meeting, the Board also agreed to monitor the impact of car parking charges on staff and the effectiveness of the system it implements. This would include a review after 12 months. The Trust will also look at a more flexible use of spaces during periods of high demand, which was also a recommendation within the board paper. This would include better management of existing spaces.

As a public service, the Trust also has a duty to consider Green Travel plans and ways in which to support staff who wish to use public transport. The Board has agreed that the Trust should :

  • explore the expansion of shower and changing facilities to support staff who want to walk, run or cycle to work
  • review the number and placement of cycle racks and improve existing ones
  • explore options to improve the road surface on the restricted byway between the hospital and the Britford park and ride for cycle users

Matthew Kershaw, Chief Executive, said: "We acknowledge that the introduction of staff car parking charges would not be popular. However, it is important that we considered this option in order to cover running and development costs, support our savings initiatives and promote green travel. Most hospitals in the country already charge staff for parking, as do many other public and private sector organisations."

"Clearly staff did not want a flat fee for all, and the Trust Board agreed that a tiered approach would be fairer. There was also a concern raised by volunteers and from staff who use their car as part of their work in the community. Both groups will be able to park for free."

"We have also agreed to monitor the impact of car parking charges on staff and the effectiveness of the system implemented and this will include a review in 12 months time. "

Mr Kershaw added: "It’s important that we do what we can to support staff who are keen to use green forms of travel and as part of the overall decision, we will be exploring a number of options to see what we can achieve further in this area. This includes more bike racks, better shower and changing facilities. " Ends


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