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Patients Benefit from £5,500 Refurbishment of Ultrasound Waiting Area 

Patients who need an ultrasound scan now have a more spacious and welcoming area to change and wait  for their diagnostic test  thanks to a £5,500 refurbishment of the waiting area.


Representatives from Salisbury Hospital League of Friends join radiology staff at the opening of the newly refurbished ultrasound waiting area



The refurbishment was funded by  Salisbury Hospital League of Friends and includes new seating, sensitive lighting and decoration.  Cubicles have also been rebuilt and doors added to replace curtains, increasing privacy and dignity and providing a calming environment for patients. 

Kate Hobson, Principal Radiographer for Ultrasound said:   “Around 200 patients a week use this waiting area,  which had become dark, dingy and unwelcoming. While ultrasound is used in the diagnosis of a wide range of conditions, breast care patients will benefit most,  as they will be able to wait comfortably in gowns to find out whether they will need a further diagnostic test. Previously,   they would have had to change,  move,  and get undressed again, increasing anxiety at a difficult time for them.”  

Mrs Hobson added: “We are enormously grateful to the Salisbury Hospital League of Friends for their support and I would like to thank them on behalf of our staff and patients  for their generosity.”

George Todd, Chairman of Salisbury Hospital League of Friends, said: “Salisbury Hospital League of Friends is delighted to be able to help assist with the refurbishment of the new waiting area. We know that this will make a real difference  to patients who need an ultrasound scan at Salisbury District Hospital. “


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