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Urology patients benefit from follow up telephone service 

Specialist urology nurses have set up nurse-led telephone follow up appointments for patients with lower urinary tract symptoms that have improved the quality of care they provide and overall patient satisfaction rates with the service.

Urology patients tend to be elderly with sensitive issues to discuss. They often have multiple appointments and many have to travel long distances to and from clinics. This resulted in missed appointments and difficulties for staff in monitoring their patients following treatment.

Billy Richardson, Urology Specialist Nurse said: “Urology nurse led clinics have been used in Salisbury for many years with lower urinary tract symptom follow up clinics taking place twice a week. We felt that many of these patients could benefit from follow up over the telephone,  rather than coming into hospital for an appointment. We asked them for their views and the  majority of our patients were happy with a telephone service, with the opportunity to attend clinics in person if they needed to be seen.”

Mrs Richardson added: “We now have telephone clinics once a week for appropriate patients, and the  latest audit has shown that the majority of patients with urinary tract symptoms are now followed up in this way. This has cut over 200 hospital visits each year.” 

“Nearly all preferred the service because of its convenience and,  where patients wanted to come in or needed further investigations, they were referred back appropriately to the clinic. No patients needed to be readmitted for their condition following referral or discharge back to the care of their GP.”

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